Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My 21st Birthday !

26th November 2008 Wednesday 12.50am Posted By : Yew

Jz stop here and shout


Haha... so wu liao... xD
Hopefully i enjoy my lovely day.
Thanks lot to my frens wishes.
Till here.. Adios !~

Friday, November 7, 2008

Breakthrough !!

7th November 2008 Friday 2.15pm Posted By : Yew

Hoho... Breakthrough? what?
Sure is da 3days-midterm Exam !!!!
Cannot hang out, Cannot play game, Cannot being lazy, Cannot relax..
Omg.. Within this exam week...
I felt like i'm so suffer (Blog Reader : Aiyo, not dat serious la.. Swt)
And now finally.... i'm free !!!!
No more trapped myself in my room to study and get release of my PSP seal !!
Horray!! Exam barrier is gone now!
One thing i wanna said is.. thx to someone wish for my exam
and thx her for relief my stress during da exam period by chatting with me. Thx o!

Today i woke up at 12am ! So long time din sleep for so many hours already.
Huuu... really feel like... recharge? xD
No plan today.. Jz feel like wanna stay at home and relax..
Got alot of movie to watch..
Hmm.. 命中注定我爱你, 勇者王 & Gundam 00 Season 2.. hoho..

After all, i'm still got 1 presentation and 2 coursework to settle.
Da presentation date is just on next week Monday... GOSH!!
I still not really finish da preparation and not yet practice.. o.O
Need to finish it up within this few days.. ~.~ Must not 4get !

Ahh... 2mr need to start work d.. wondering how will it be going on...
Hopefully da job suitable for me and i can job happily there. n(~.~)n

Ops... Hungry.. not yet eat my lunch... Till here for this post.
Away for lunch lu !
Adios !!~~

Friday, October 31, 2008

Mid-Term Exam is coming . . . . .

31st October 2008 Friday 2.30pm Posted By : Yew

Hmm.. what to say... Just wanna shout at here...


And i still haven't start study =.=
I'm still lazying around and no mood to start study at all.. Swt..
I did always tell myself not to wait until last min only study, but..
i can't made it. >.>... That's was too bad ah..!!
Dunno what will happen to my exam if i still dun wan start to study. LOL!
Quite busy on this week.. Can't even really get a time to sit in front of pc and on9,
I wondering how best if 1 day got more than 24hours ? Aha..

Just interviewed a part-time job ytd at Turf Club.
My aunty work there and she intro this job for me.
The salary paid is quite ok and i'm just work 2-3 days / week
Will be start working at 8th of Nov with 2 of my friends..

Recently i'm addicted to Super Robot War(SRW) MX... ~.~
Keep playing it when i get free time..
Time to study already U. Sealed ur PSP for one week.
U need gambateh together with U's sleeping beauty Jo for their coming exam. xD

Go Go 加油 ! ! ! (^_^) /

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Complain ! Complain !

25th October 2008 Saturday 11.10am Posted By : Yew

Complain !!!! Complain what!? Sure is complain about my home desktop PC !!!
Know what!? Ytd planning of join my friends play Maple.
When i start the program, it patch new client file.. okie.. it''s fine.. BUT,
the patch's speed move like turtle ( mayb even slower =.= )
So, i waited for it. Wait wait, ting ! i heard a sound and thought it was completed.
I walked to my pc and see... LOL!!! " Error, not enough disk space to continue dling the patch."
WHAT!? i wait for nearly 2 hours and it come out like that .......
Ended up, i uninstall Maple and deleted whole folder away from my PC.
Don't want play already. Wait i get my own laptop, then only i play.
Don't want pek cek with this "old & dumb",more than half-decade desktop PC...~~

Wondering when can i get my laptop... i did hestated for quite long time..
Er.. not quite... is really long... i started to plan to buy at around... hmm.. May? ROFL !
But what can do? Things do happened during the time.. that's make me keep delayed my plan.
Aikszx.. DELL, HP, Compaq etc.... Which 1??? Aiyo, don't be so "pandai pilih".. Swt..
Hope i can make my decision very soon .. -.-

Friday, October 24, 2008

Back to Blog-ing ~~

24th October 2008 Friday 8.35pm Posted By : Yew

w0ot !~ It's been ages since the last time i've updated my blog ...
hmm... let's count, already 4 months o.O.. my blog already sinked for 4 months..
now it's the time for me to pulled it up again.. xD

Anyway.. i do started my degree studies 4 months ago.
Degree seems like really hectic to me and make me busy all the time.
There are full with assignment, coursework, presentation and exam. ~.~
However, lucky me, until now, i'm still managed to study well and doesn't meet any problem in my studies.

Aha.. today i'm just feel free and got the mood to signed in and updated my blog again.
Sinked too long.. beh tahan already. LOL~~
Another exam just around the corner.. but i still din do revision at all !
Hope that i can start to do my revision next week .. HAHA!

Until here for this post... LAZY again.. SWT..!!
Will update more soon. This time won't let it sink again. xD
Go join my friends in Maple Story first. Hehs. Buh bye !

Sunday, June 22, 2008


22nd June 2008 Sunday 4.00pm Posted By : Yew

我刚从佳礼论坛回来,发现大多数有出席聚会的人都已出发到云顶去了。相信今晚就会有一些猎人开始聚会了,而聚会的气氛也将在今晚慢慢的高潮起来。。唉。。。就觉得很可惜,我不能出席这次的聚会。。猎人们在云顶肯定会“杀”龙杀到非常开心吧。。主办单位又特别的用心良苦为大家准备了竞赛,让所有的猎人都有机会自我挑战,挑战自己的极限。大家还能在竞赛当中提升自己杀龙的技术及培养猎人们的默契和团结精神以达到最速的挑战时间。另外在这聚会还能交到不少新的朋友。特别是安猪女王,一定要认识。哈哈!!(迷之声∶“讲到尾你嘛是不能出席,没机会认识她了啦。。。LOL 。。” =(   唉。。) 而我,很遗憾的说。。就只能乖乖的呆在槟城等待明天的到来。不能和猎人们热闹热闹一番。明天又要回College读书了。明早七点就得起床,八点半就有class了。又再回到求学生涯咯。。Anyway。。

祝大家聚会又顺利又愉快 !!!!

v ( ^0^ ) v

Saturday, June 21, 2008

第二届由 2 -Hunt 举办的跨洲际佳礼猎人狩猎祭

21st June 2008 Saturday 4.55pm Posted By : Yew

" 千呼萬喚始出來,第二届跨洲际佳礼猎人狩猎祭 !

熱愛 Monster Hunter 的朋友,你還孤軍作戰嗎?無論你個人技術練的多純熟,多驚人也好,沒戰友相陪的日子,是孤獨寂寞的。雖然偉大的 Kai 聯機平臺能讓大家隨時獲得戰友的協助,但你們真的滿足嗎?一個素未謀面的人,你能把性命交托到他手上嗎?他會在你昏迷時,氣絕時,勇敢的冒死上前踢你一腳嗎?珍贵的生命粉尘,他会为你而服用吗?這樣的人咱們能稱之為能付托生命的兄弟嗎? (迷之聲:”這家伙瘋了。。。“)為了滿足大家對戰友的渴求,為了提倡聯機狩獵的樂趣,我正式宣布,


Post From Ryusher at Cari Forum

This gathering held on 23rd and 24th June 2008, located at Genting Highlands which i cannot attend because 23rd of June is da first day of my first sem start. This gathering is organized by 2-Hunt Team. It gather all da MHP2G players all around Malaysia. Da 1st gathering which i din attend oso cz i'm still not own a PSP dat time, 35 ppl attended. More ppl will attend to this 2nd gathering for sure. Why i think so? Cz already got nearly 30 ppl registered once da gathering have annouced. Ah... Disappointed ar... tot can go there to know more new friends and have fun there.. but.. >.> my friends did ask me to skip da first day class but i dun wan... cz i not dare to skip LOL... However.. i did 80% changed my mind and planning to go da gathering last few days but it is already too late... =( So... I'm looking forward to da 3rd gathering.. but my friend, KAI said no more 3rd.. this is da last 1 =( Anyway... hopefully stil will have laa... xD

To my friends who are going to Genting Highlands tonight, enjoy ya gathering there. Take care and Good Luck while trying to win money at CASINO.. HAHA... may lucky angel always bside u all. LOL...! Remember take alot of photos and dun always "KAP" da only hammer Queen, Angie at there. xD Have Fun !